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Central Florida’s favorite gardening attraction for the holidays!

At The Garden Shop, we believe in the magic of holidays! 

Through the years, The Garden Shop has become a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike who eagerly anticipate the next holiday transformation.

Season after season, we weave our creative touch into every nook and cranny, offering new and exciting photo opportunities for families and guests to enjoy.

Our ever-changing décor and container garden displays, interactive play areas for kids, themed backdrops (perfect for holiday picture-taking!), and fairytale-like garden characters capture the spirit of the season, create a festive, welcoming atmosphere, and are sure to spark ideas for holiday decorations in your home and garden!

Whether it's spring blooms, summertime fun, autumnal charm, or the magic of winter, we have endless holiday cheer in store for your next visit. We can't wait to share these unique, postcard-worthy moments with you and create lasting memories together at The Garden Shop!

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